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The multi-award winning Little Voice is coming back to Sydney in a brand new production, starring Australia’s leading ladies of stage and screen, Caroline O’Connor and Geraldine Hakewill. Bursting at the seams with every standard and show tune under the sun including ‘Over the Rainbow’, ‘Goldfinger’, ‘There’s no business like show business’ and ‘My heart belongs to Daddy’, this riotous and razor-sharp take on the Cinderella story will leave audiences humming long after they’ve left the theatre.

Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s new, edgier production by director Shaun Rennie and designer Isabel Hudson, lands Jim Cartwright’s masterpiece firmly in the 21st Century, while still paying homage to the icons who fill Little Voice’s world, like Shirley Bassey, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe.

Geraldine Hakewill, photo by Johnny Diaz Nicolaidis-medium

Geraldine Hakewill will star alongside Caroline O’Connor in Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s The Rise and Fall of Little Voice (Photo by Johnny Diaz Nicolaidis)

“This is a dream come true for both Caroline and Geraldine,” says Shaun Rennie. “Caroline has been wanting to sink her teeth into the grittier, dramatic role of Mari for a while now. Geraldine and I sang in a choir together, so I knew she had the singing chops for this role. She was thrilled when I told her we were doing this play, because she’d wanted to play Little Voice for years. There’s a lot of passion fuelling this production.

“Jim Cartwright calls his play a contemporary fairy tale. The story is timeless, but how do we make sure that the world we create helps it feel relevant and urgent? The way we make theatre has changed so much in the 26 years since the play was written. Isabel Hudson and I spoke a lot about the fact that the world that Mari and Little Voice inhabit needs to be legitimately dire, electrically charged and potentially dangerous. Little Voice needs a space to retreat to; a refuge; her safe space. So, riffing on the fairy tale trope of the maiden in a tower, we have found a world that I hope is able to achieve all of this.”

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