L.I.A.R (Life is a Rehearsal) makes it’s Australian premiere at Fringe World 2020 after several seasons in Europe to critical acclaim.

Frenchman Remy Martin leads a cast of four international aerialists, musicians and performance makers in perhaps the most unique, theatrical and mesmerising experience on offer at Fringe this year. From dream-like scenes to realistic exchanges, each performer is fully committed to each moment giving a level of performance and presence that is captivating and humorous throughout.

As the main character, played by Martin, is thrust into the world, the audience is invited to follow his journey. Martin is joined by ex Cirque du Soleil star Mandi Orozco, static trapeze performer Tom Ball, and experimental musician Tarren the Tailor. These performers push themselves to the limit and aim to take the performance beyond what seems possible. There is a simplicity on the surface, yet, tailor-made props, special effects, and a very clever lighting design assist in making the magic happen. L.I.A.R. is a result of years of determination, hard work and undeniable artistry from the four performers.

The soundtrack, like all aspects of this production, is at times familiar but is always delivered with a performative edge that is fresh, inventive and fantastic. Tarren the Tailor plays several instruments, sings, and creates electronic sounds that enhance the atmosphere and keep the momentum. Mandi Orozco’s silks display and overall performance are breathtaking; while Tom Ball has flashes of brilliance he mostly wins the audience’s favour with his comic characterisation. Remy Martin’s hyper performance is beautifully measured with moments of stillness and whimsy demonstrating incredible control and range.

L.I.A.R. is showing at Teatro, Woodside Pleasure Garden until 10th February (excluding Mondays).

Tickets: $35.00.

Bookings: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/l-i-a-r-life-is-a-rehearsal-fw2020