Transportable entertainment, lots of fun  4 ****”

By George Dixon

Entertainment for the sake of entertainment, comes to mind when I reflect on the experience of this Sci-Fi “cult Classic”

If you are looking to switch off and to be transported to the improvised world of Captain Spaceship and her crew, then this is for you.

Adapted from the classic 1950’s cult classic, the adventurers of spaceship, unfolds.

It’s live, it’s improvised, and it’s interactive.

Six rather talented improvising actors and actresses (1950’s terminology) will keep you in light hearted, not so deep thought, entertainment for the next hour.

Each show is unique. At the start of the performance the audience through chat, are encouraged to nominate some key elements and equipment as to what it is, and what it does. Plus they are welcomed to input as the performance is rolling.

This company have no regard for anything, which is clearly demonstrated through the elaborate use of high-tech equipment such as the latest Atari and Commodore 64 on board computers.

Lifelike sound effects of working equipment is provided by the human operators, adds a definite appeal, to this “University” style production.

The green screen backdrops are note worthy with little hidden gems.

I particularly enjoyed the scene changes which were introduced with “Meanwhile back at the …..”

Its cast comes complete, including an engineering crewman in a “Red Shirt” (Most sci-fi, fans know what happens to “red shirt” crew members) especially if they are introduced as “Red shirt guy” another unfortunate, non-descript identification.

How do you know it’s a Sci-Fi presentation, apart from the Spaceship?  Yes you have it. There’s a Robot.  This show is no different; it’s complete with a robot.

There’s lots of fun as the cast unpack their story through improvised directions, the storyline is maintained, through its various situations being developed within the scenes.

In typical 1950’s style, the story builds up to a conclusion, or high point bringing everything together.

The acting is well done, the dialogue runs smoothly between characters, as each actor, manages to maintain focus, which at times if funny within itself.

Background keyboard improvised music helps to set the mood or tension.

I found myself been drawn into the play, as you would be watching a cult-sci-fi classic, a loose script, poor sets, bad scripting, good acting, ridicules plot lines, but all the same for some reason it’s totally entertaining.

Back then, the funny thing was they were all serious, and it happened accidently.

Today with Captain Spaceship, it’s professionally done to make it so, it is not by accident, it’s through good talent, and scripting.  In this case great improvising.

Hats off  to the cast  Stephen Platt, Libby Klysz, Tegan Mulvany, Scoots McArdle, Jess Messenger, and Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd and Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd on keyboards.

Captain Spaceship-Part of Normal Place’s, Perthonalities.

Is performing as part of The Melbourne Fringe Festival – Digital Fringe

Performing November 20th and 27th