Cam Knight’s show Momentous, at The Chinese Museum, was stand-up comedy at its best. The entertainment starts before the show even officially begins, with Knight playing his guitar from the side of the stage as the audience files in. From the minute he takes the stage, the laughs come thick and fast, as Knight reflects on the momentous year that was 2016, and the changes that have occurred in his own life in the last few months. The subjects of Knight’s comedy often have very serious undertones, but are handled in such a way that the audience feels free to laugh. There is an underlying layer of brutal honesty behind his material, which sucks the audience in and gains their trust. His delivery is charming and self-deprecating, and he has the audience in the palm of his hand. Knight frequently converses with members of the audience, connecting with a range of people, and controlling the interactions deftly. The audience has little time to catch their breath between bouts of laughter, but the performance feels very natural, and Knight approaches the audience as if he is sharing with friends.

As well as referencing aspects of his personal life, and the life of a stand-up comedian, Knight also reveals anecdotes from filming Unreal Estate which will have the audience viewing it in an entirely new light. I feel the urge to look for episodes online….

Cam Knight’s Momentous is well worth adding to your MICF itinerary – it is not to be missed.