Rock out to your Air Guitar and have a great time for a great cause!!!

Draw attention to The Song Room campaign to help put real instruments in the hands of kids who need them and drive more people to the playair website (
Line Swanston Street with buskers playing air instruments during lunch hour.
Ideally, the air buskers will be a mixture of adults, teenagers and, most importantly, primary school age kids.
As many as possible, but 80 would be great – a mix of real buskers we ask on the day, agency people, Song Room people, any celebrities the Song Room can persuade to take part and about 20 extras.
Everyone meets on the steps of the Swanston Street entrance of Fed Square at 12.00pm. They’ll then be walked to their positions, forming a line from the bridge down to Collins or hopefully Bourke Street. (A detailed run-sheet will be supplied two days before the event.)
Friday July 23, 2010 12.00 til 1.00.
Meet at 12.00pm.
Rehearse till 12.15.
Take positions by 12.20.
Play from 12.30 until 1.00pm.
Air Buskers should come dressed in whatever they’d wear to busk. This could be as extreme as Acca Dacca, Kiss, Pink or Lady Gagaesque, or as simple as their school or office gear.
Bring a hat or instrument case to place in front of them.
¨       A card/flyer with the message “Help put real instruments in the hands of kids who need them – playair today for the chance win an iPhone, a fender guitar, a 50inch HD Plasma TV, VIP tickets and flights to The Arias and heaps more. Head to Fed Square right now or visit” to display in their hat or case.
¨       -Someone to film the stunt.
¨       A booth at fed square where people can film their entries.
For more info or to register, contact Nathan: [email protected]