Household name and self-proclaimed people pleaser Cal Wilson is done with avoiding conflict and confrontation. Things I’ve Never Said explores the topics that can leave comic punters shifting in their seats. This is a woman talking about sexism and racism. This is a woman saying she’s a feminist, and no, that doesn’t mean she’s a man-hater. And yes, she’s unapologetically hilarious.

Wilson is such a chronic avoider of conflict she admits to doing a different university degree to what she wanted simply because she was too scared to ask for other shifts at her part time job. She accidentally got engaged just to avoid the awkwardness that would come with her rejection. Now as a parent, her inner lioness has emerged and she feels the responsibility to have difficult conversations to set a good example for her son.

Being that good example doesn’t come easy in today’s world though. From Enid Blyton’s overt racism and sexism, to other children picking on her son for looking like a girl when he had his face painted, Wilson is confronted with difficult conversations on a regular basis. Discussing precarious societal norms and issues with a seven-year-old is tricky but can be the most fun as she discovered with swear words and answering, “where do babies come from?”.

Brown shoes were just a joke for the blurb (please stop asking her about them), but don’t worry, feminism and politics are covered wonderfully. Her explanation for victim blaming is the most coherent and clear that I’ve heard. Her realisation of the sexual assaults that happened at her school is shocking but such a real moment for women daily.

The men in front of me had clearly fallen into the trap of thinking “Cal Wilson” is a man, so when Wilson mentioned some things about the way men speak, they were shifting uncomfortably and chatting about how they definitely don’t do that. Sounded like Wilson hit the nail on the head. Those feisty men may need to reconsider their #NotAllMen thoughts.

Cal Wilson is dynamite on stage. She’s upbeat but knows how to cover some more serious content without leaving you upset. I hate that “gutsy” is a word that comes to mind to describe this show, because it’s stuff we should all talk about regularly and agree with, but that’s what is. Thank goodness there are people like Wilson taking on the responsibility of spreading kindness.

This thought-provoking show navigates complex ideas in a comforting way. It’s non-stop and this prolific comedian’s quick-wittedness will certainly keep you on your toes. Cal Wilson is sympathetically matter-of-fact in Things I’ve Never Said and it’s exactly what we need.

Wilson’s final words were “Go out and be lovely to each other”. I think we could all benefit with a little more Cal Wilson in our lives.

Cal Wilson’s Things I’ve Never Said is on at The Swiss Club as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until Sunday 23 April 2017.