Broadway musical Rebecca has postponed its Broadway run indefinitely due to reports of accused harassment by unnamed parties that may have scared off a potential investor.

Production has been delayed again after they were unable to raise the remaining $4.5 million needed to finance the show as potential investors were scared off by "malicious emails."

According to a press release sent out by the show's publicity team, "On Friday September 24 at approximately 1PM, Lead Producers Sprecher and Forlenza were informed that an extremely malicious e-mail, filled with lies and innuendo, had been sent directly to the new investor that morning from an anonymous third party. The e-mail was designed to scare this investor away and it succeeded. The investor withdrew."

In a statement Sprecher added, "Why anyone would be so hateful and cruel and would go to such a huge amount of effort to uncover confidential information, including the details of a private transaction and the identities of an individual and his attorneys, and send such an e-mail with the goal of being to shut down a production that involves the jobs of over a hundred people and their families, is something I am having a terrible time grasping. This is devastating for everyone involved in this wonderful and unique production. All that we have ever wanted to do is put on this amazing show. We will not stop our efforts to mount this show and alternatives are already unfolding," his statement also read. "We have provided a copy of this e-mail to the proper authorities and a criminal investigation is under way."

Rebecca features an original book and lyrics by Michael Kunze, music by Sylvester Levay, English book adaptation by Christopher Hampton and English lyrics by Hampton and Kunze. Michael Blakemore and Francesca Zambello serve as co-directors. Rebecca is the story of Maxim de Winter (Silverman), his new wife (Paice) and Mrs. Danvers, the controlling and manipulative housekeeper of Maxim’s West Country estate of Manderley. Upon moving into the grand house, the new Mrs. de Winter realizes the memory of Maxim's first wife, the glamorous and mysterious Rebecca, still casts a shadow.