Brisbane performer, writer and director, Clint Bolster is, quite literally, changing the face of Australian theatre with Homunculus Theatre Co’s work Dennis, which will be featured at the Brisbane Powerhouse on 2 and 3 September 2017.

Performed for the first time in Australia as part of the Short & Sweet Festival, Dennis is a full face, non-verbal, mask theatre piece about the power of relationships. Dennis has been selected as a finalist in the 2017 Short & Sweet Festival.

Dennis is the moving and heart-warming story of a lonely, loveable and misunderstood character who lives by himself in a small flat in Worcester, UK. Dennis has always wanted to fall in love, however, so far, he has never attained it. He has seen what love is supposed to be – on the television, couples holding hands in the streets, the next-door neighbours’ dogs every Sunday morning. However, Dennis himself has never had a companion … until now! Funny and poignant, Dennis explores the human condition and is written and performed by Clint.

The face behind Homunculus Theatre Co., Clint states this kind of mask theatre has never been seen on the main stage in Australia. However, he believes mask theatre has an important and vital role to play in our community and he hopes to share the joy and power of the art form with a wide range of audiences in the future.