BRICK review by George Dixon


The stage is set; well, not really, it’s an open space, with a single chair.

Simplicity at its best, no distractions, just a few lights, nothing else.

On the stage stands Yvonne Martin; the author, performer and storyteller, except, it’s not a story. It’s a reflective account of her life as it was back in England when Martin was experiencing life as a sixteen to twenty-something.

Martin presents a warts and all reflection of her journey from encounter after encounter, the highs, the lows. Her greatest love (at the time) and her worst nightmare. How easy it is to be manipulated, and controlled; to wake up and ask yourself, “How did I get here? and How do I get out?” realising that there are people who care. That there is a life beyond the messiness.

Martin holds her audience perfectly, through her interchange between the various people in her life, taking on the personas with facial and body language, plus the use of the chair, which moves over the full stage area.

The articulation of her story is as raw as life, which adds to the audiences understanding of what’s going on. Martin’s inner thoughts come to life, there’s a wonderful synergy and fluidness between the dialogue and the inner voice, while some parts seem dark, you’ll find yourself laughing at the situation, not so much for the situation but for the irony. It’s ok, you’ll meant to, life’s like that.

Martin’s story is powerful, energising and empowering.


September 24 – 29

Is playing at The Burrow Studio

83 Brunswick Street Fitzroy


Phone: 9660 96661