Join the Breakaway Party of Heaven’s Temple and experience a new work of Australian contemporary theatre. Examining meditation, performance and the symbolic, the work is the first collaboration between Director Travis Handcock (Co-founder of FizzWack Theatre, VDL Best Director nominated for The Freedom of the City) and playwright/producer Nicky Lah (Writer/producer of Waiting for Waiting for Godot Fringe festival 2016).

This production uses guided meditation supported by music, drawing the audience into a deep awareness and focusing them on the essence of self. The meditation is the culmination of the playwright’s two-year journey, learning the sitar and deep

transcendental meditation techniques. The music is specifically constructed around the show’s written guided mediation. The result is an eerie mixture of Indian Raga, personal composition and improvisation.

The play will transport the audience through an exciting symbolic journey into existence and what it means to be. Five actors grace the stage and at the spinning of a large wheel, they await for lady luck to designate their individual identities. The energy, fear and nervousness in this production is heightened through the use of the unknown. Having to undertake the epic task of learning the lines of all five characters, the actors themselves take the journey of discovery into the unknown, in tandem with the audience.

 Breakaway Party of Heaven’s Temple hopes to balance the elements of light and dark in order to express the nature of everything. Gaze into the collective unconscious and watch as it melts away.

October 24 – November 2

Lithuanian Club Ballroom – North Melbourne

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