An exclusive interview with hot shot heart throb K of "Perfect Fifth": the Boy Band that will battle with a Motown group and a Barbershop Quartet for the title of Best Group in SUITS.

Why are boy bands so important to society?

It’s a simple answer really. We’re there to provide that top tier. In terms of music, Boy Bands are definitely in the top echelon, you know, slightly above solo boy artists like Elton John. We have that missing X-Factor that many artists are missing. And in terms of society, the basic fact is people want to be us. We give them something to aspire too. Our deep lyrics speak directly to our listener’s hearts and we provide them with an escape from the drudgery of their lives. Let’s face it: boys want to be us and girls want to bed us. It really somes down to that.


What makes “Perfect Fifth” different to other Boy Bands?

Who said we were the same? I mean we’re all from all different pastures of life, how many boy bands have that? Fashion is a huge part of our show. We never wear the same outfit twice on stage, we need to show that we’re diverse and able to show our own personalities through our clothes and you can’t do that unless you change your outfit. We also are a huge supporter of fashion and really like to get behind and, well, support new up and comers like Bruno. The documentary of him that recently screened was an inspiration to us all.

How do you go about bringing out the best performance possible? Any rituals, superstitions, preparations, special warm ups?

Of course, any Boy Bands who say they don’t have rituals or superstitions are lying.

Can you name them?

Well I don’t know some of their tribal names, but after our charity concert of Swaziland last year we all felt an affinity with some of the tribesmen we met and there’s a certain ceremony that they do involving a goat, a length of twine and three large sticks that we have adopted to suit.

Also there is some more conventional rituals that are carried out. For example one member of our group refuses to speak for 48 hours before a gig – This makes it difficult when we have nightly shows for two weeks. Another member has to sit in the dark chanting a psychic mantra to get himself in peak shape. I won’t say who, though, so don’t ask.

What would you say to comments that boy bands spend a lot of money on themselves?

I would say that they have no idea. They don’t realise how difficult it is to keep ourselves in the peak shape that we are. It’s not as easy as just having a gym membership. We need to eat right and drink right. Now I’ve heard that tap water has impurities that can ruin people’s voices, so if I choose to drink purified spring water that can only be found in South America next to the mating habitat of the endangered Throat Warbler so be it. it’s not my fault that God put it there. And to all those people who say I’m destroying the environment – I didn’t find the water! I don’t go down and dig up the Throat Warblers habitat to get at it! I don’t emit greenhouse gases in the creation of non degradable PET bottles! I’m just a consumer – If I need the water to perform, so be it!

What disciplines of song and or dance have you all studied to get the band to the level it is today?

Well most of us have done some form of dance or vocal training. I graduated from The Spears’ Association of Vocal Movement, where I met Danny D, who also graduated there after breezing his way through the Lopez Technique (of Song and Dance). Rob B worked for a while teaching himself his own techniques before getting some real experience with the Martin Methodology, PJ work hard to master the Simpson Standard and then took a stint with the NDA (National Dance Academy), and Markee is actually self taught. No surprisingly, all these methods work extremely well together as our legions of female followers will happily admit.

Why should younger boys aspire to be in a boy band?

Why wouldn’t younger boys want to be in an all male group? It’s got everything you need! The friendship and bonds that form are for life; seriously my group is like a family to me. I even read a recent study from some University that states that being in an all male environment, mixed with ample singing and dancing is an important if not vital part of growing up – so you could say that unless you’ve been in a boy band you’re deformed… At least mentally, or something like that. Also if you get to be big enough (as a group), you get legions of adoring female supporters, and everyone knows that has to be a plus. Obviously.

Now let’s check out the competion…







SUITS: Knox Community Arts Centre March 19-27