Benj Pasek and Justin Paul’s musical work ‘Edges’ is a fresh, contemporary song cycle exploring self-discovery and the journey to adulthood. This September, newly founded company Boutique Theatre will mark their debut with this exciting work. Co-founders Tegan Jones and Emma Caldwell have created a company with a vision to create professional standard shows which are unique, innovative, and provocative- and Edges is shaping up to fill that mould spectacularly.

Director Jez Hunghanfoo said working on this show has been interesting because “as with any song cycle, finding through lines and themes can be tricky- but it is the key for making the show hang together.” He said that it was most helpful “to compare and contrast the songs, not interpret them separate from each other.” The rehearsal process has been a collaborative one, with each of the four cast members bringing to the show a vastly different personality, coupled with focus, patience and enthusiasm.
The four talented actors in the show are Tegan Jones, Emma Caldwell, Grant Busé and Mitchell Sanfilippo, and each of them has relished the experience of putting together Edges. Emma, who didn’t know much about the show prior to becoming involved, mentioned that “It's the kind of show that is both vocally demanding and a challenge for actors because each song tells a different story. Each time I hear the score I find something different in it which is a really satisfying thing.” Tegan Jones noted that the notion of working with a cast of just four people was something that drew her to the show. “After having been involved with shows which have casts as large as 40, it's a different dynamic. We have really learnt to work off each other, connect and support each other more than you would when a cast is larger. Everyone involved is an equal – it is a nice feeling.

The material and subject matter or the piece also excited the cast members, with Grant Busé commenting “There is something in the lyrics of Edges that really hits home with people, especially our generation.  The songs are great but above all they a real.  In fact, there are moments in the show that are freakishly familiar – you can really see your selves in the characters that Pasek and Paul have written”, while Mitchell Sanfilippo said that “Edges is quite a new show- it's not one that many people have heard of but I think that is what made it exciting for me as an artist because I can really make the work my own and not have it compared to how people have down it in the past.”

The ability to relate to a show is something that can make for the most moving theatrical experiences. Clever writers depict real, human situations which hit home and have a lasting effect on an audience that extends beyond the two hours they are sitting in the theatre. This is one of the aspects of Edges that makes the show so great. Speaking as Boutique’s co-founder, Emma Caldwell spoke about the company’s decision to present this piece saying “We are theatrical but we don't want to be just like every other theatre company out there. I think two mid 20 something year old professional women starting a company is a unique concept, and Edges as a show lends itself to allowing a creative team and cast to rework its text and score to suit helps us find out who we are as theatre makers and performers.”

Edges will be playing at Revolt Productions Arts Centre from Friday September the 7th to Saturday the 15th. Shows are at 7.30pm with ticket prices ranging $20-$30. For more information or to book tickets visit

“The songs are heartfelt and clever, and there's almost a familiarity to them—they wear their influences proudly on their sleeves. Edges is a great piece of theatre, and we've all relished the challenge of moulding it into something that's our own.” –Byron Bache, musical director