Boob Juice is a heart-warming comedy about a first time mum with postnatal depression and all the trials of motherhood; poonamis, awkward mothers group meetings, the perfectly presented mothers of Instagram and the sudden transformation from career dominator to domestic chaos.

Daisy is a first-time Mum who is in for the shock of her life, as she quickly realises motherhood is not all lattes and active wear playdates. Daisy has become a sleepdeprived milking cow, who can’t string a sentence together, let alone lose post-birth body weight in 6 weeks!

As ‘Daisy’, actor Chloe Hild explores her personal experience of postnatal depression and shares her intimate thoughts and feelings about motherhood, taking a closer look at what impacted her depression and how she transformed her lifestyle to become the
mother she wanted to be.

November 8 – 12