Blue Surge exposes the pitfalls of the eternal search for the American dream.


Winterfall Theatre Company presents the Melbourne premiere production of Rebecca Gilman’s acclaimed Blue Surge at Melbourne’s newest theatre space The Theatre Husk.
Set in the American mid-west, Blue Surge is a provocative take on class differences and gender dynamics. The play examines the role that history and background play in shaping an individual’s life and asks the question: What happens when you delve into the small space that can divide a feeling of hope from one of hopelessness?
The story examines the lives of Curt, who is a small time cop in Midwestern America, and Sandy who is the nineteen year old prostitute he tries to arrest, then attempts to help. Curt comes from poor circumstances, he’s an honest guy, doing the best he can, with a few small dreams. Sandy comes from a difficult background, she’s a pragmatic newcomer to the world of prostitution, and Curt sees a better life, full of potential for her.
Written by Rebecca Gilman (Spinning Into Butter, The Glory of Living, Boy Gets Girl), one of America’s most highly regarded contemporary playwrights. Gilman is known for her cutting edge social commentary and compassion which has been described by USA Today as “…at once stringently intelligent and utterly natural”.
Gilman says that she loves much about being a playwright, but what she enjoys most is the collaborative nature of the theatre.
“I’m lucky in that I get to spend my time with a lot of talented, inspiring artists,” she says. “Between the work of the director, actors, and designers, the end result on stage is often better than anything I imagined on the page. It’s very satisfying work.”
Talking about what inspires her Gilman says: “I get ideas from the newspaper, fiction, poetry, even people I see on the street. My play Blue Surge was inspired by a Bruce Springsteen song. I try to be open to anything and not to judge ideas one way or the other until I’ve had a chance to play with them. Some of what I thought were my best ideas have turned into train-wrecks of plays. Others I’ve had to sit with for a couple of years, but then something good comes out."
Winterfall is an exciting new company formed by Trent Baker and actor Michele Williams. Winterfall Theatre is the resident company at The Theatre Husk and will present four shows per year.
Venue: The Theatre Husk 161A Heidelberg Rd, Northcote
Dates: August/September 2010