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Reefer Madness is a propaganda musical comedy based on the ridiculous allegations made in the 1930’s by American political and journalistic heavy weights William Randolf Hearst and Harry J Anslinger. Designed to show exactly how ludicrous the scare tactics were that were used by these men, Reefer Madness is a satirical take on one of the eras ‘scare’ films made to warn parents of the harm of Marijuana.

Quote- Harry J Anslinger, Marijuana, Assassin of Youth, 1937;
"The sprawled body of a young girl lay crushed on the sidewalk the other day after a plunge from the fifth story of a Chicago Apartment House. Everyone called it Suicide, but actually it was Murder. The Killer was a Narcotic known to America as Marijuana, and to history as Hashish. It is a Narcotic used in the form of Cigarettes, comparatively new to the United States and as dangerous as a coiled Rattlesnake.”

Quote- William Randolf Hearst
"Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

Hearst, (along with Anslinger) managed to flood the streets with outlandish tales and statements which were referred to as ‘Yellow News’ as he owned one of America’s largest Publishing Empires. Hearst could single handily manipulate the people of America through the use of headlines of graphic detail and articles written purely to cause fear in people.

In your journey back to 1930’s America you will meet The Lecturer (Jez Hunghanfoo) who has put together this stage production for YOU (The parents and concerned citizens) to pass on the information he received from The Head of Narcotics, Harry Anslinger, with tales of TRUE EVENTS which have happened in your very town. Jimmy Harper (Nick Kong) was once a fine, upstanding, all-American boy with a grand future until he is lured into the seedy world of Reefer by Jack (Blake Testro). Jimmy’s life is turned completely upside down as he insults Jesus Christ to his face, partakes in a rampant orgy, steals the car of his wholesome girlfriend Mary Lane (Jess Barlow) and ultimately gets sent to the Electric Chair for Murder. Along the way, Mary Lane is also seduced by the weed and Ralph (Danny Miller) turns perfect Mary Lane into a Reefer addicted Dominatrix Whore. Mae (Ang Cuy) is the hostess of the Reefer Den where all these kids lose their Reefer Virginity and succumb to the demon weed. She is the beaten, abused and raped Housewife of Jack.

The show contains extreme over acting, excessive dramatic turns, simulated sex scenes, obvious racism, the complete deconstruction of the 4th wall, and not an ounce of real Reefer.

Friday 18th June 8pm ‘Gala Night’
*Complimentary Drink- Pizza & Brownies post show.
Saturday 19th June 8pm
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Saturday 26th June ‘Midnight Show’
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