Eurovision 2016 is coming up in May, with Australia yet again competing, but before Eurovision, there is Song Contest – the Almost Eurovision Experience at The Alex Theatre in St Kilda, Melbourne.

Eurovision has a large following of loyal fans in Australia. Eurovision parties are held as groups of friends gather to watch this unique talent competition.

Bev Killick is a newcomer to the Eurovision craze. Having never watched Eurovision, Killick has been learning all she can about this annual song competition. In watching Eurovision clips, as part of her preparation, Killick has discovered just how huge and glamorous the event is: the lights, the costumes, the crazy personality traits.

“It’s absolutely outrageous! I’m like this alien looking in, thinking this is a whole new life!” laughed Killick, wondering why she’d never watched Eurovision before, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me!”

Killick plays the host of Song Contest, Bettina Bitjakokov, and will guide audiences through the proceedings.

“Bettina knows everything about Eurovision … Bev doesn’t, but Bettina does.”

While Bev Killick wasn’t a fan of Eurovision before Song Contest, she admits she is now!

“This show is going to change me forever!” she exclaimed.

If you’re a newcomer to Eurovision (like Bev Killick was), Song Contest- the Almost Eurovision Experience will be the perfect introduction to the event.

“You don’t need to know about Eurovision, it’s all going to be spelt out for you – that’s Bettina’s role. She’ll instruct everyone,” explained Killick. “It’s a good intro for newcomers or a full on party for the fans!”

Song Contest one

SONG CONTEST – the Almost Eurovision Experience is coming to the Alex Theatre, St Kilda as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this April!

11 countries, 11 hot new songs, 11 slick acts with a quirkiness that will both delight and makes you cringe at the same time. Which country will take out the title? Eurovision just got cool.

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