I saw The Witches of Eastwick for the first time a couple of years ago. I remember sitting in my chair at interval feeling excited about what I had seen and looking forward to what was to come.

The music was toe – tappingly good, the cast were amazing, and the storyline was sexy! I walked away from the show putting it in the category of ‘shows I would like to be a part of one day’. For four lucky people, they will get to partake in this show with JYM in May. I caught up with the four leads, Adam Kirk, Kathryn Sutherland, Romi Freedman, and Hayley Nissen, to get the goss on their upcoming production.
TP: What have the rest cast been like to work with?
Romi: An absolute joy. I feel honoured to be a part of such a talented and committed cast.
Kathryn: I have been blown away by the level of commitment shown by the members of the cast. They have the dedication and talent of professional performers, yet maintain the optimism and fun that is unique to amateur music theatre productions.
Adam: The cast are a fantastic and talented group of people that are always more than happy to help out with anything wherever possible. Trust me, ask them to help you and they’ll be there.
Hayley: Amazing. Everyone in the show is so committed and everyone has such a great time being at rehearsals.
TP: What have been the highlights of the rehearsal process?
Adam: Every rehearsal has it’s ‘it’ moment for me but I’d have to say the one moment that really sticks out in my mind was my first time working with my three beautiful witches, Romi, Kathryn and Hayley. I’m such a ridiculously lucky man to be surrounded by such incredibly talented and wonderful people.
Hayley: Becoming so close with Romi and Katherine. We brainstorm a lot, talk about back stories and help each other out with certain actions we’re not sure of. It’s so comfortable and relaxing knowing those two are always there. Working so closely with Katherine and Romi as outcasts has just made us form a stronger bond and really get that sisterly feel that the witches have. I have such a great time working with Adam (Daryl) because we feed off each other. He is such a talented performer that it’s a pleasure working with him.
TP: What is different about your version of the show to others we might have seen in previous years?
Romi: We have an incredibly good looking cast!
Adam: Where most versions of this show have a tendency to focus on the sleaze and cheap laughs we have really put our focus on making these characters real people, Believable characters in this bizarre cartoon version of our world. So when you see Darryl seduce the Witches you’ll actually believe that these women could fall for this man rather than thinking ‘Sure, that’s funny, but that would never work’. And don’t get me wrong, you’ll still be laughing until it hurts, but you’ll also get to take the emotional journey as well…
TP: What has the production team been like to work with?
Kathryn: The production team have never wavered in their commitment to discipline and hard-work. I have a suspicion that Shlom doesn’t actually sleep – most of the emails I get from her were sent between 2 and 3am! We’ve also been extremely lucky to have Loclan-McKenzie Spencer as a rehearsal pianist – you can’t help but feel like a bit of a star when he’s accompanying, it makes the magic a bit easier to find! Luke (vocal director) – he is fantastic.
Adam: Amazing! (They are) a very creative and excited team that are passionate about making this production of ‘Witches’ one of the strongest shows you’ll ever get to see.
Romi: They have been like a really great push up bra, giving us utmost support whilst boosting us to reach our highest potential.
Hayley: They’re very patient and giving of their time. Everyone wants to be there so everyone gives it their all.
TP: Describe the show in 5 words.
Kathryn: Careful what you wish for…..
Romi: Electric, saucy, wicked, engaging and sexy
Hayley: Saucy, dark, hilarious, naughty, sensual.
Adam: Must See Show of 2010