In the ruthless, ever-expanding empire of Rome, Shakespeare creates an astonishing portrait of a love too great for the world. Mark Antony is a hero in a post-heroic world. He is torn between duty and love; his responsibility to Rome and his new life in Egypt; to the world he helped conquer; and his passion for Cleopatra.

Complex, charismatic, fierce. Cleopatra is a mother, a lover, a Queen. A woman not to be defied.

Director, Peter Evans said, “I continue to be fascinated by Shakespeare’s ability to take the grandest moments in history and make them profoundly personal. Antony and Cleopatra charts the course of two of history’s famous leaders, the world’s first ‘celebrity couple’, but at the core it’s a story of love, of passion, of heartbreak.

April 26 – May 13

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