Perth’s Barking Gecko Theatre Company, accepted the award for Best Presentation for Children at the Helpmann Awards on Monday night, after presenter Eddie Perfect, read out the wrong name. However, the official Helpmann Awards website listed Terrapin Puppet Theatre as the winner for its production, Boats.

Terrapin general manager Kevin O'Loghlin, who attended the awards ceremony, said he first found out about the mistake after receiving a congratulatory text message yesterday morning.

"We weren't announced the winners but the website and the media advised us we were," he said "We definitely won I've been told, with much apology, the presenter read the wrong name out, and they're still getting to the bottom of how that happened."

The mistake happened as the envelopes handed to the presenters included a list of award finalists as well as the overall winner. Leo Schofield who also presented award said "We were given an envelope and the top half had the four nominees on it and the winner was on the bottom fold. Eddie opened the envelope and just read from the top part of it, which was the first of the nominees."

Mr O'Loghlin said it was fantastic news for Terrapin. "We're just thrilled that a little old show from little old Tasmania has been recognised as Australia's best," O'Loghlin said. "The show is universally loved and we had a really successful national and international tour last year," he said.

A three-week Tasmanian tour of Boats is starting next month