The biggest party of 2016 is one step closer, with Ballarat Lyric just minutes ago announcing their cast for the Victorian amateur premiere of Rock of Ages!

Congratulations to the wonderful cast – may the hair be high, the fashion absolutely terrible, and the songs rockin’.

LONNY – Keith McNamara

DREW – Joshua McGuane

DENNIS – Stephen Armarti

SHERRIE – Erin Shay

STACEE JAXX – David Harford

JUSTICE – Susan Jackson

REGINA – Abbie Grace

FRANZ – Reuben Morgan

JA’KEITH – Daniel Lamech

JOEY PRIMO – Aidan Brady



Samuel Apineru

Matthew Bandy

Aaron Bonell-Huy

Alex Cameron

Matthew Henderson

Brad Martin

Dylan Shalless

Kuy Thurman



Samantha Clarke

Olivia Condous

Elanor Davey

Charlotte Hamilton

Siobhan Heenan

Kate Lewis

Caitlyn O’Farrell

Georgie Potter


More information can be found on Lyric’s Facebook page.