Theatre People is proud to announce a new photo feature that aims to give our audience a backstage pass to community theatre shows. We hope to give our audiences a look at how different companies operate, and provide an intimate sneak peek into general fun that an audience usually misses out on.

The first production to take the spotlight is UMMTA's AIDA, with Chris Dempsey taking the camera for a spin. Read more about Chris at the bottom of this article, and find ticketing information for the final performance of AIDA!


                                                      First thing to do when we get to the theatre – apply make-up!


                                                           The star of the show, Aida, getting her hair done.

                                                       The cast then heads upstairs to the stage for warm-ups.

                                      We prepare for each performance by getting our groove on with a physical warm-up!

                                                                 Followed by a vocal warm-up with the band.


                                                        Now it's time to finish touching up that make-up…

                                             …with some special handiwork from the make-up assistant.

                            Everything is looking good from the stage manager's monitor as we prepare to start.

                                                  On we go for the opening scene in the museum…

                                  Our role as museum-goers gives us the excuse to take a few cheeky photos on stage!

                                                            And the show is officially underway!


Chris Dempsey plays the role of the Pharaoh in AIDA, and is also a member of the ensemble. This is his fourth production with UMMTA, previously appearing in How To Succeed In Business, RENT and Our House. Chris is currently studying Arts at the University of Melbourne as well as a Diploma of Music in Classical Voice, and is one of Regional Arts Victoria's Young Creative Leaders.

Find tickets for UMMTA's AIDA at this link, and be sure to check back with Theatre People as we take a look at some wonderful upcoming shows…