Ready or not here comes Darby. Ever since his first entrance into this world; dressed in a white tie and tails belting out there's a light at the end of the tunnel Darby has had an insatiable love for all things theatre from his pre-school days directing his fellows in elaborate revivals of the classics to belting out "I am What I am" in a full length taffeta gown. Lately he has been emerging himself in the local theatre scene in whatever position open to him (and he would like to deny those ugly rumours written on the bathroom wall at Western Chances Youth Arts) as performer, writer, stage manager, costume designer and unwanted opinon. Favourite productions include; The History Boys (Posner), Midsummer Night's Dream, Grease (Doody), Silent Sorrow  and of course his star turn as the sadistic nun Sister Stigmata in The Blues Brothers (the leading ladies always have more fun).