Dr. Brent Downes has become one of the most prolific theatre critics in Brisbane since he started with TheatrePeople after the national launch of the website in 2011. Holding a degree in drama from Australian Catholic University he completed his honours dissertation on the contemporary mainstage theatre industry in QLD and has completed his doctoral study in community centered playwriting, contemporary applied theatre and theatrical storytelling. A poet, performer and published author in his own right Brent has performed along the east coast of Australia and internationally and in the last decade has featured or appeared at many performance events of different genres and has two published books as well as a wide array of scholarly articles on the performing arts. He is now a member of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Australian Catholic University. Brent is affiliated professionally with a number of arts organizations within Australia and internationally and is passionate about Australian artistry, social justice in the creative arts, encouraging a healthy, robust and sustainable creative sector and fostering international dialogue between artists.