In our recent survey, we had a number of responses asking for (among other things) more Theatre People Choice-style awards – and we listened.

Therefore, it is my great pleasure to announce the first in a series of Top 10s: ‘Australia’s Top 10 Hotties: The Vote’ – proudly brought to you by Theatre People, your theatrical community.

Here it is, for the first time ever (as far as we know): Australia votes on the top 10 hottest amateurs or professionals in the theatrical community.

We don’t care about age or gender, or if they’re a performer or stage manager: if they’re in the industry, and make you weak at the knees, we want to know.

Nominations will not be accepted after January 31.


VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED. We will be announcing the Top 10 ASAP.

Hopefully the community will show enough interest that we can make this an annual occurrence…

Enjoy. 🙂