Scandal at the polls!

The nomination count for Australia’s Top 10 Hotties: The Vote began in earnest at 12 a.m. Tuesday morning, and a clear winner emerged early on. Mr Steve Smith (pictured) stormed the poll with a whopping FIFTY-ONE nominations, twenty-two nominations above the nearest contender.

Steve Smith

[Image supplied by Smith]

On contacting Smith to inform him of his nomination, he supplied this bio:

Steve Smith was once Lionel Bart’s orchestrator of choice.
Understandably, Lionel died soon after. In the 1980s he was often seen
hanging from the lighting bar at the Anchor and Hope playing Cinderella
Rockerfella with his feet (to the dismay of the Anne and Johnny Hawker
Big Band). More recently, he worked as keyboardist for Tracy Bartram,
who has now found far better talent. Steve once modeled himself on Rick
Wakeman, until one day the cape got caught in a ceiling fan. Steve is
currently writing a musical about Australian Explorers, to be released
late 2011.

Steve started orchestrating over thirty years ago and continues to this
day for many productions. He holds no qualifications, is self-taught,
and can’t sing or dance. He really is, an utter, utter bastard.

Steve would like to thank those that voted for him, including many of
the USA’s best guitarists, who were evidently seeking retribution.

This is Steve’s first centrefold, and he hopes the staples line up
without making his eyes water.

However, Smith was disqualified after a mandatory urine sample.

So! Onto the real winners!

In first place, with twenty-nine nominations, is…


Briden-Starr Aspinall - Hairspray

[Image(s) supplied by Aspinall]

Aspinall also sent us a semi-NSFW image that can be found here.

On contacting Aspinall to inform her of her nomination, she said:

"Well I am truly flattered. … Hottest person currently in a show. I would like to thank my mother and father for producing me, my really good MAC make up, and everyone else that made this possible. … I’ll be here till Thursday! Try the veal! ;)"

In second place, with seventeen nominations, is…

Rowena Vilar – Fame

Rowena Vilar - Fame

[Image supplied by Vilar]

On contacting Vilar to inform her of her nomination, she said: “I am flattered, yet slightly embarrassed?? [sic] I’d like to say ‘Thanks Mum.’ ”

In third place, with ten nominations, is…

Josh Piterman – West Side Story

Josh Piterman - West Side Story

[Image supplied by Piterman]

Officially the hottest male in the poll, Piterman recently married his (also nominated) new wife, Hayley Piterman (née Nissen). What a couple!

On contacting Piterman to inform him of his nomination, he said: "I’d like to thank all those people who voted for me, and my parents Hannah and Leon for the rockin’ DNA.”

Josh is currently producing THEATRE AID, a benefit for the Queensland and Victorian floods, with Shane Jacobson the latest talent to be confirmed for the event! It is reported that Josh’s looks had little or nothing to do with securing Shane’s services.

In fourth place, with eight nominations each (yes, each), are…

Mark Taylor – Half a Person: My Life as told by The Smiths
Christie Whelan – Xanadu

In fifth place, with six nominations, is…

Jennie Kellaway – Catchment’s Nunsense

In sixth place, with five nominations, is…

Sam Ludeman – Xanadu

In seventh place, with four nominations each, are…

Jack Chambers – Hairspray
Christian Cavallo – Whitehorses’ RENT
Angie Bedford – Waterdale’s Annie

In eight place, with three nominations each, are…

Clare Stevenson – OPTC’s Little shop of Horrors
Chris Bucannon – Mamma Mia
Adam Garcia – Tap Dogs

In ninth place, with two nominations each, are…

Rohan Browne – West Side Story
Michelle Drinnan – ITT Productions’ Wonderland
Kathleen Amarant – SPX Waterdale’s Little Shop of Horrors/Annie
Jason Bovaird – “Every second one!”
James Rooney – Quirky Productions
Ed Grey – Bryant and Frank’s Prodigal
Bree Truscott – CLOC’s Miss Saigon
Bobby Fox – Jersey Boys
Blake Testro – MCP Inc.’s Grease 2
Amy Cumming (Drummer) – SLAM’s Skirts

And in tenth place, with one nomination each, are…

Zak Brown (as Don Quixote) – CLOC’s Man of La Mancha
Verity Hunt-Ballard – Mary Poppins
Tyson Legg – Fab Nobs’ Spring Awakening
Todd Morgan – 3 Big Men Productions’ Working: The Musical
Tara Kabalan – PLOS
Simon Gleeson – ShowFit
Scott Morris – Hairspray
Scott Johnson – Jersey Boys
Sam Kitchen – Shoosh’s Kiss of the Spiderwoman
Ryan Purdy – ‘Various’
Ross Chisari – Launchpad Drama’s Starbound Youth Musical Theatre
Rob Mills – Wicked
Renee Armstrong – Hairspray
Phillip Quast – Mary Poppins
Paul Watson – Babirra’s West Side Story
Paul Capsis – ‘Various’
Paul Burns – Opera Australia’s Carmen
Nicole Lylak – Crew for PLOS
Nicholas Eaton – Mary Poppins
Nathan Toovey – ‘Various’
Nancy Denis – Hairspray
Mitch Fistrovic – Mary Poppins
Michelle Drinnan – Gemco Players
Melanie Ott – GREASE 2
Matt Jakowenko – Nova Music Theatre’s Oklahoma!
Mark Kearney – SPX Waterdale’s Annie
Mark Doran – Fab Nobs’ Altar Boyz
Marcello Lo Ricco –  LSS Productions’ The Sound of Music
Lucy Stayner – Crew for PLOS
Lucy O’Brien – Fab Nobs’ Reefer Madness
Lucy Durack – Wicked
Liam McIlwain – Mary Poppins
Leah Howard – Mary Poppins
Leah Anderson – Players Theatre Co’s Witches of Eastwick
Katie Weston – Whitehorse’s RENT
Kate Wilkinson
Kat Hoyos – Hairspray
Justin Anderson – Mary Poppins
Jonathan Guthrie-Jones
Jamie Mcguane – Geelong Lyric’s The Sound of Music
Jaison Hoernel – Babirra’s Sweet Charity
Jacqui Rae – Hairspray
Jacqui Levitas
Jaclyn DeVincentis – ARC’s Hello, Dolly!
Helen Yotis-Patterson – ‘Everything she ever did’
Hayley Nissen – Grease 2
Grace Berne
Glaston Toft – Jersey Boys
Drew Weston – Mary Poppins
Diana Perini – SPX Waterdale Players
David Spencer – Magnormos’ [title of show]
Dan Gale – MUMCo’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Craig Symons – PLOS’ ‘Spelling Bee’
Chloe Comber – Hairspray
Cate Blanchett – STC’s Gross Und Klein
Carly Scott – BLOC’s Singing in the Rain
Bryce Ives – ‘Whatever’
Brenton Van Vliet – Phoenix Theatre Company
Bianca Milewska – Crew for PLOS
Ashley Tynan – Babirra’s West Side Story
Ashlee Smith – Panorama Theatre’s High School Musical 2
Antoinette Iesue – WAAPA
Anthony Warlow – Dr Zhivago
Alinta Chidzey – West Side Story

The title of ‘Hottest Show’ is a tie between Hairspray and Mary Poppins – both with eight cast members nominated.

Congratulations to all who were nominated and apologies for any misspelt names – blame whoever nominated you!