If you noticed some rocking and rattling around the streets of St Kilda over the weekend, and wondered what on earth was going on, we can tell you – it was the sounds of rapturous CLOC audiences  getting All Shook Up, when CLOC ‘s latest production opened at the National Theatre last Friday night.  

Cheering opening weekend audiences were universally ecstatic in their appreciation of the visual and aural spectacle to which they were treated, along with the hilarity and heartwarming tale that for many audience members was totally unexpected.

Some feedback already received – “Fabulous and funny show – LOVED it !!!!”

“Excellent show – had great feedback from my entire group.  The cast were very professional, especially the leads who were outstanding, and we were all very impressed.”

“Well done on a fantastic opening night – my knees were weak and my hands were shaking!”

“I knew nothing about the show and had no idea what a treat was in store. I loved every second and plan to come back to see it again!”

“The leading actors were universally brilliant – so funny and so talented.  Please pass on my congratulations to each and every one of them.”

“Hilarious – non-stop laugh-out-loud fun from beginning to end, with no slow spots – one spectacular highlight after another!”

So if you want to leave your day-to-day life at the door, and come along for the most unexpected and hilarious ride of your life that will leave you in stitches of laughter, and tears of joy, often at the same time, then make sure you catch All Shook Up before the season ends on October 20.