If you are an actor looking toward a fresh look at your career, personalized advice and guidance then this Industry Intensive workshop is for you.

The creatives behind the concept had noticed a gap in the Melbourne Acting scene in terms of what services and training classes are available, what they include, and their respective costs.  They had noticed that the ongoing expenditure for Acting classes and support is incredibly steep, and requirements such as professional and up-to-date Headshots just keep the actor reaching deep into their pockets.

Owner of the Owl and Cat and founder of Industry Intensive, Gabrielle Savrone, was  a young actor​ wanting new head shots, a casting workshop and some acting classes but couldn’t afford it  as she had​ decided not to work full time to pursue acting  full time​, the catch 22 of not having money to be available but needing to pay for show cast etc was frustrating. As she has developed her career and made contacts in the industry she has asked those contacts to get together and support actors who are serious about their craft. They said yes and Industry Intensive was born​

​​Savrone wants the industry to work with actors, not against them. She advocates an honest  and collective approach. She would like her workshop to stand for the things she believes in: to not take from actors, to support an industry that is already struggling and to work together. “When I was in NYC I noticed artists genuinely wanting to help each other gain experience and network,” she says, “here it feels competitive and I want to help change that.​ We were auditioning for spots but it undermines the idea of having important and accurate help available to all actors so now its by booking, first in best dressed, the events are held once a month over a Saturday and Sunday.”

The workshop is a full 2 day intensive delivered by proven and experienced professionals. It will be  held once a month for actors who are serious about their craft and the industry.

Actors enrolling in the course will get:

–  ​new head shots

– ​a showcase evening of their monologues

– audition workshop and feedback

– acting technique class

The cost for all of the above is $200.

​ ​On top of this, the next phase is an exciting one. The venue will holding auditions for a part time acting course where 6 students will be chosen to work scenes of a play and have that play produced as part of The Owl and Cat season. This is another idea grown by Savrone after numerous conversations with actors about only acting in class and never getting on stage. “The owl and cat will absorb the venue costs, rights and rehearsal space etc so the students get a chance to study acting and perform a play,” she says.

This will be an 8 week program 8 hours a week and will feature guest teachers. Interested parties should email: [email protected], this will be by audition and Savrone will be casting for the plays as well as talent and work ethic. More information will be released via the industry intensive website www.industryintensive.com,au and owl and cat pages soon.

The Owl and Cat Theatre have set up this course as part of their Actors Gym Initiative which will be launching in May. Sign up to their mailing list: www.owlandcat.com.au

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​**April 9/10 still open for bookings until Sunday 3rd April​ 5pm



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