We cordially invite you to discard your inhibitions and attend our show at your earliest convenience.

A sadistic soap opera of sex, violence, insanity and tragic beauty designed to confront and captivate- ATROCITY Unleashed is a black journey into the mind of man. Combining shock performance with music, song, dance and the art of wicked tease, its debut sell-out show had audiences stunned, weeping and fainting. ATROCITY is a theatrical experience unlike any other, which haunts the viewer long after the final curtain.

ATROCITY is a contemporary return to the famed Theatre du Grand Guignol that shocked Paris audiences in the 1900’s. Though set in the red light district of the Moulin Rouge, the shows were frequented by the crown heads of Europe and the socially elite. It was the most popular form of live entertainment of its time, helmed by director Max Maury with shows written by Andre De Lorde (The Prince of Terror). Theatre Du Grand Guignol ran successfully for 60 years before closing its doors at the beginning of the Vietnam War.

Now it’s back in the 21st century with ATROCITY, cloaked in cabaret and burlesque form to deliver a potent level of visceral and cerebral entertainment to Melbourne audiences.
ATROCITY made its debut with a Black Carpet premiere on Good Friday, 2nd April 2010 to a sell-out crowd. Reactions to the show were extreme, with audience members sobbing, fainting and reporting feelings of severe discomfort and physical illness- one woman claiming to security staff “they put something in my drink.” Ongoing feedback confirmed that many were “still thinking about (the show)” days later.
The brainchild of Paul Moder and Natalia Ristovska, ATROCITY came to fruition in late 2007 in the form of a dark theatre restaurant show called INFERNO.
INFERNO received standing ovations and much praise, but the owners hated the show and unceremoniously dismissed both Paul and Natalia before Christmas for misconduct, banning Natalia from the premises.
Determined to continue their dark foray into the arts, the pair brought ATROCITY to the 2009 Short and Sweet Cabaret Festival with CONFESSIONAL- THE FALL OF FATHER DE LORDE (a confronting tale about the sexual awakening of a young girl and the priest trying to protect her from her fall from grace…and his own) before finally finding a home and residency at the Burlesque Bar in Fitzroy in 2010.
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