HuRU-hARa is a riotous celebration of the South East Asian artistic underground, echoing the aesthetics of sprawling street stalls and arts enclaves. The collaborative installation draws on the artistic traditions, folklore and street culture of the Nusantara or the Malay Archipelago, situated between China and India.

HuRU-hARa will bring together experimental artists working in visual art, sculpture, video, live music, street and graffiti art, performance and dance, representing a wide variety of backgrounds and aesthetic styles. These artists are united by their ability to contemporise artistic traditions in new and radical ways.

Every night HuRU-HaRa will feature DJs, live music and pop up performances by diverse artists, including Malaysian dancer Rithaudin Abdul Kadir, Butoh artists Yumi Umiumare and Takashi Takiguchi, and renowned Indian Bharatanatyam dancer and academic Swarnamalya Ganesh from Chennai.

HuRU-hARa is the hub for the Convent’s Asia TOPA program, but given this is a borderbreaking, multi-arts experiment, you can expect the unexpected. We’re creating a space that will inspire reactive collaborations, spontaneous performances and kooky cocktails. Each night will bring a new experience.