From 1 – 4 Dec 2021 – Arts House will program:

  • SINK by Simona Castricum X Carla Zimbler

As well as these smaller and more intimate shows:

  • ENTITY by Back to Back Theatre
  • Soap Bubbles and the Forces Which Mould Them by Brian Lipson
  • Love Me (Bar) Tender by Stage Mom

SINK by Simona Castricum X Carla Zimbler

SINK is a curious percussive eruption – it will refresh your senses with techno that skews binary frameworks. Underground music icon Simona Castricum combines her talents with the light and projection sorcery of Carla Zimbler to create SINK, a live sonic experience of uncommon depth. SINK reinvents the stadium techno experience and strips it back to an intimate encounter. It is a music installation with loud percussive drumming, electronic music, sudden intense noises, flashing lights, smoke effects, haze and lasers. As a queer percussive and visual explosion, SINK is a portal that destabilises the binary frameworks in an urban space and reveals the queer virtues of belonging and catharsis, highlighting that gender nonconforming perspectives are important contributors to our cultural and urban landscape. Under a grand installation of hanging white ropes that reflect Zimbler’s mood-altering projections, Castricum will command the space with a full drum set and a suite of percussion machines to create a fluid environment using tactics of garble and feedback.

ENTITY by Back To Back Theatre

A new solo work by long-term Back To Back ensemble member: Mark Deans. ENTITY is a side show that meets a kooky philosophical party trick. It’s intimate, slick and as intriguing as every other Back to Back show. It’s a short-sharp work (7 mins) for four people at a time. ENTITY is a sweet spot double act between human and ‘the other’ – it’s an amalgam of séance, science lab, party trick, alien encounter and horror movie. Mark Deans joined Back To Back in 1989 – he is a comic performer of rare talent with exquisite timing. He has devised and played some of the groups most memorable characters and toured extensively both nationally and internationally.

Soap Bubbles and the Forces Which Mould Them by Brian Lipson

With an increased need to sanitise during the pandemic, Brian Lipson was inspired by scientist Sir Charles Vernon Boys and started performing gentle experiments with bubbles. In this new work, audiences will enter an old-world installation into the science and chemistry of bubble art experiments. It will be a mysterious, fun and gentle experience led by one of Melbourne’s esteemed theatre makers.

Love Me (Bar) Tender by Stage Mom

An intimate work for two people – it riffs on the format of a tarot reading in a generous encounter with a bartender. The bartender will create unique, personalised cocktail inspired by the secret conversations.