SYSTEM_ERROR by Chamber Made is a new hybrid work where technology and the human body collide to create a rich aural-visual experience through an amazing bespoke instrument made from a matrix of electrically conductive tape.

Chamber Made Artistic Director and performance-maker Tamara Saulwick comes together with contemporary dance-maker, composer and instrument designer Alisdair Macindoe to create and perform in the premiere of SYSTEM_ERROR. They are joined by data visualisation artist Melanie Huang, director Lucy Guerin and writer Emilie Collyer.

Centred around a custom-made technical system designed by Macindoe, SYSTEM_ERROR features hundreds of metres of electrically conductive tape across the performance !loor that functions as a live mixing circuit. The performers act as conductors through the touch of their !ingers, hands and feet to trigger a soundscape as well as data visuals on a large projection screen.

SYSTEM_ERROR contemplates the frailties and imperfections of humanity and interrogates the increasingly dependent and integrated relationship between people and technology.

July 7 – 11