Arts House ends the year with:

Rooman – Fleur Elise Noble 21 – 26 Nov 2017

World premiere

A girl meets a half-man-half-kangaroo in her dreams and falls in love. Obsessed by his reality, and the idea of becoming a part of it, she takes desperate measures to spend more time with him.

Rooman is a heart-warming, heart-breaking, visual-musical extravaganza. Beautifully weaving a rich tapestry of visual performance, puppetry, projection, drawing, dance and live music, Rooman is a visual feast.


We Are Lightning –  Joseph O’Farrell (JOF) and Sam Halmarack –  6 – 10 Dec 2017

World premiere

Joseph O’Farrell (JOF) and Sam Halmarack will combine theatre with the fist-pumping euphoria and power ballads of a stadium gig in We Are Lightning –  a darkly comical work that reflects on the importance of communal spaces where people can come together and express themselves.

we are

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