Across oceans – explorations into post-disaster landscapes and interactive bondage 


Unraveling the connections

Desires are unleashed, tensions suspended and lines of connection macraméd in Bunny – an interactive performance using rope.

Dance provocateurs Luke George (Erotic Dance, Festival of Live Art 2016) and Daniel Kok (Singapore) exploit the physical properties of rope and knots to unpick the boundaries of desire, trust, consent and communion between artist and audience, ‘Bunny’ and ‘Rigger’.

Staged in the round, the web of technicoloured ropes draws performer and audience into an increasingly enveloping bind.

George and Kok explain that ‘Bunny’ is a nickname given to the person being tied in rope bondage – “This work asks – what if everyone in the theatre is a Bunny?”

Following a two-week artistic exchange at Campbelltown Arts Centre in 2014, George and Kok agreed to create a dance collaboration that appreciated the physical properties of rope, the aesthetics of knots and the precariousness of the relationship between bodies when connected and bound by rope.

With a background in socially engaged arts practice, Luke George is Melbourne-based choreographer and performer who has collaborated on new works with Australian and international artists, including Chunky Move, Stephanie Lake, Jo Lloyd, Shelley Lasica, Phillip Adams BalletLab, Frances d’Ath (Berlin), Field Works (Brussels) and ITOH Kim (Tokyo).

Daniel Kok is currently developing artistic research on critical spectatorship and audiences and exploring the notion of Trans-Individuality at the Kinosaki International Arts Center (Japan), where he will work with visual artist, Miho Shimizu (Japan).

Times Journey Through a Room

In the ruptures of disaster – hope springs eternal

Confined to a room, the ghost of a woman, her surviving husband and his new partner are attempting to cope with the devastating effects of the 2011 earthquake in Japan.

Suspended in the days immediately following the disaster, the ghost embodies the fleeting feeling of euphoria post-Fukushima as dreams of a better future take hold.

Facing the reality of life six years on, the ghost’s husband and his lover are haunted by grief and the excruciating loss of hope and unrealised transformation.

Founded in 1997, chelfitsch is led by theatrical visionary Toshiki Okada, widely regarded as one of Japan’s most significant contemporary theatre makers and innovators.

In Time’s Journey Through a Room, Okada’s meticulous, unflinching eye for detail, idiosyncratic choreography, hyper-colloquial Japanese and inventive soundscapes are beautifully melded to reveal the innumerable, tiny fractures buried in the shockwaves of grief, creating a mesmerising and poetic portrait of mental anguish.

Seamlessly layered with text, movement and images that all melt into each other, Time’s Journey Through a Room is performed in Japanese with English surtitles.

Kagerou – Study of Translating Performance

Intimacy from tragedy

On 11 March 2011, a woman living in Hisanohama, a port town in Fukushima Japan, lost her husband when he was swept away by a tsunami.

Kagerou – Study of Translating Performance is an intimate, documentary-style performance that tells a women’s story through her own words and voice. Or so it seems.

Interweaving sound recordings and video footage from Hisanohama, Kagerou – Study of Translating Performance also features simultaneous Japanese/English interpretations to create an immersive and uniquely powerful meditation on translation in the aftermath of Fukushima.

Comparing the great distances between victim and actor, the English and Japanese language, and Fukushima and Melbourne, Hamanaka Company explore objectivity, pathos and sympathy to ask if we can feel intimacy with a tragedy that happened so far away, and what gets lost in the act of translation.

Founded in 2014 by Artistic Director Shun Hamanaka and with a focus on documentary performance, Hamanaka Company engages with both regional and universal problems social issues and humanity.

2 – 5 Feb 2017  Luke George and Daniel Kok – Bunny

9 – 12 Feb 2017 chelfitsch –Times Journey Through a Room

15 – 18 Feb 2017 Hamanaka Company – Kagerou – Study of Translating Performance

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