Renowned Chinese philosopher-choreographer Tao Ye’s world of minimalist contemporary dance where sublime forces are unlocked to animate bodies, will transfix Melbourne when his TAO Dance Theater works are performed from 22 – 24 February for Asia TOPA: Asia- Pacific Triennial. His unique creations 6 and 8 display hypnotic synchronicity and repetition reflecting the innate logic of bodily movement to evoke a contemporary expression of what it means to be human.

TAO Dance Theater has shaken our pre-conceptions of China’s dance world since 2008 with a series of minimalist works that both recognise and transcend the limits of the individual form, with choreographer Tao Ye developing techniques that enable dancers to explore their most extreme potential. His commitment to the free interpretation of his audience goes so far as to refuse the naming of his works which are numbered instead.

February 22-24