Written by Tara Beagan, directed Andy Moro and performed by actor and activist Cherish Violet Blood, Deer Woman tells the story of a girl in a country where, very recently, approximately 4,000 Indigenous women and girls are officially recognised as missing and/or murdered. This statistic reflects the past 30 years alone with the true number of victims likely to be known.

Lila, the big sister of one missing girl, refuses to stand by idly. As an ex-army veteran and the daughter of a hunter, she finds the perfect opportunity to avenge her baby sister’s murder by exercising the skills taught to her by the Canadian government.

This extremely powerful and provocative work delves into the urgent themes of violence against women, sexual abuse, white privilege and appropriation; leaving the audience to wrestle with complex questions around violence, complicity, and forgiveness. Its delivery also serves up the darkest of laughs, tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Giving voice to those who have historically been silenced in, spite of great strength, is the essence of ARTICLE 11’s mission as they continue to push the boundaries of staged storytelling.

August 28 – September 1