Families are invited to experience an array of remarkable theatrical adventures and interactive experiences as part of Arts Centre Melbourne’s 2019 Summer Autumn Families program  from January – May 2019. This season Arts Centre Melbourne celebrates incredible Australian talent from the worlds of theatre, circus, music, puppetry and dance. Children will also become the creators when they conduct their own orchestra, bring puppets to life and choreograph dance moves for a unique dance performance.

This summer holidays, the wonderful, wacky and wigged world of classical music’s favourite child prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will be brought to the stage in Circa’s exciting new family show Wolfgang’s Magical Musical Circus (2 – 12 January). Taking inspiration from the legendary conductor, families also have the chance to create their own masterpiece in the free event, Invisible Orchestra (5 –13 January). Like a giant digital game of musical chairs, little ones and their families use their bodies to make music in the most unconventional ways.

Over summer, children also have the chance to experience a participatory and interactive one-on-one performance workshop with dancer and choreographer Amrita Hepi in A Call To Dance (15 – 20 January). The work invites children to collaborate on a signature dance move that expresses something personal about themselves, community, passions and hobbies. On the final day of her residency Hepi will perform a solo dance from all the dance movements collected through that week.

In March Arts Centre Melbourne will present String Symphony (8 – 11 March) an interactive installation where participants can take hold of a rope and work together to bring to life a giant illuminated puppet, Only A Year (13 – 16 March) a sensory theatre experience for babies aged 0 – 12 months and their carers and Picasso and His Dog (23 – 24 March), a heart-warming story of an artist and his cheeky sausage dog, Lump.

During the April Easter school holidays audiences will have the opportunity to witness an exciting stage adaptation of David Walliams’ best-selling book Billionaire Boy (6 -14 April), created by the makers of Mr Stink and the Treehouse series productions.

Little ones and their families will have the chance to pop on their party outfits for two exclusive events; enjoy a Sunday morning boogie and treat at the High Tea Party (5 May) and experience the circus extravaganza from the makers of Briefs Factory, Brat Kids Carnival (23 March) featuring acrobatics, magic, puppets and ballet.

Throughout the year children also have a chance to unleash their creative side with interactive workshops at The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne’s high-tech learning lab. Located in iconic Hamer Hall, The Channel is Arts Centre Melbourne’s state-of-the-art workshop and performance space, where people of all ages can share creative, hands-on experiences. Designed for children and their families, these workshops give participants the chance to mix their own music, edit a music video, learn a new magic trick or try their hand at stand-up comedy.

Arts Centre Melbourne’s year-round Families Program was launched in August 2009 and has grown in reputation to become a highly respected program nationally and internationally. Featuring intimate and large-scale theatre from some of the world’s most respected companies and a diverse range of interactive workshops, the program is robust and growing in size, scale and scope.

Arts Centre Melbourne presents Families Summer/Autumn 2019
Bookings: online or Arts Centre Melbourne Box Office 1300 182 183