On 24 January 2019, joined by a cavalcade of transgender legends, cabaret icons Mama Alto and Maude Davey  embark upon a new variety adventure – nothing less than the pursuance and promulgation of Gender Euphoria, the state of being deliriously happy with one’s own and everyone else’s gender identities, choices and expressions.  Goodbye gender dysphoria, hello Gender Euphoria.

In postmodern vaudeville style, Gender Euphoria explores and celebrates gender diversity, gender identity and LGBTQIA+ especially the trans, gender diverse and non- binary experience.

Song, dance, poetry, burlesque and variety meld for one night of utter fabulousness under the direction of Maude Davey with Mama Alto belting her heart out in true gender transcendent diva panache, the stellar grand piano stylings of Ned Dixon, Bailee-Rose Farnham’s exquisite dance movement and Mahla Bird’s sublime aerials soaring above the audience.

The performance begs the question – what happens when the expectation of misery is rejected? What happens when gender non-conforming people – trans, genderqueer, non-binary, and anyone who steps outside the rigidly policed expectations of sex and gender roles – fully embrace their diversity, live their own truths and don’t just scrape by to survive but flourish and thrive?

What happens when the system crumbles in the face of our fabulous divinity?

Goodbye gender dysphoria. Hello GENDER EUPHORIA.

January 24 at 7.30