Antipodes Theatre Company is excited to announce the lead artists who will be participating in their second annual Winter Lab for bold work and new ideas, taking place 16-27 June, 2021. A total of nine projects were selected, ranging from physical theatre and devised work to comedy and musicals. In addition to in-person development sessions for each project, participants will take part in a variety of online workshops, panel discussions, and presentations focused on mental wellbeing and assessing the current state of the arts industry.

This unique development initiative pairs lead artists from across Australia with a variety of collaborators (actors, dramaturges, directors, musicians, singers, designers, choreographers, photographers, and more) based on the needs of the project in its current stage of development. The other main objective of the Winter Lab is to create a space where artists can network and get to know each other outside of their individual projects through group activities and open rehearsals.

Artists who were chosen to develop projects as part of the Winter Lab include: Michele Gould (She/Her), William Hinz (They/Them), Sam Hooper (He/Him), Vidya Makan (She/Her), Phoebe Panaretos (She/Her), Alex Gibson-Giorgio (He/Him), Reuben James (He/Him), Alison Murphy (She/Her), R. Johns (She/Her), Jacinda Patty (She/Her), Ebony Rattle (They/Them), Casey Rice (They/Them), Sarah-Jayde Tracey (She/Her), Mary Angley (She/They), Jamila Main (They/Them), and Francesca Waters (She/Her). Additional collaborators and panellists will be announced at a later date.

Antipodes Theatre Company seeks to provide a collaborative and inclusive environment for producing independent theatre in Melbourne by maintaining or exceeding a minimum of 50% representation – on stage and off – by women, ethnically diverse artists, people with disability, trans and non-binary people, seniors, or other members of historically or culturally marginalised communities who are not well represented on stage.

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