Using the kind of cinematic horror effects rarely seen in theatre, Jakob Ahlbom will make audiences shudder at the seemingly impossible events unfolding before them. Greatly intrigued by such aspects of the horror genre as black humor, slapstick and the fascinatingly, terrifyingly surreal imagery, he is an undisputed expert at using cinematic editing techniques, magic tricks and physical movement in his stage work.

The artistically ground-breaking show – which trades dialogue for illusion, mime, movement and music – takes place in a home haunted by a tragic family event, where a woman’s vengeful spirit stalks her sister and friends in the property. In a series of flashbacks, the past gradually re-emerges, brutally confronting the surviving sister with their hidden past: the cruel parents, the crushed youth, the suppressed memories.

September 18 – 22


Sydney (Sydney Opera House): 29 August – 2 September

Wollongong (Merrigong Theatre Company): 5 – 8 September

Canberra (Canberra Theatre Centre): 11 – 15 September

Melbourne (Arts Centre Melbourne): 18 – 22 September

Brisbane (Brisbane Festival): 26 – 29 September