Get the kids off the couch these school holidays with drama that brings their
virtual world to life. They will love it.

Fire. War. Death. Destruction. Sounds like a computer game your kids are playing these school holidays, right? Yes, but here’s a way to get them off the couch and learning (and laughing) at the same time.

Pop-up Globe – the world’s first full-scale temporary working replica of Shakespeare’s theatre, the second Globe – opens Around the Globe in 60 Minutes! this week and your kids will love it.

It’s the ultimate boredom buster. It’s designed for kids and their parents, and even better, it’s so funny they’ll learn about Shakespeare and history without even realising.

Around the Globe in 60 Minutes! will take audiences back in time to discover the thrills and spills of the second Globe Theatre and the extraordinary history and characters of the period. Laugh, shout and cheer as a cast of five actors share a side-splitting tale set in one of the greatest theatres in history: the second Globe.

This new family-friendly comedy opens a portal to 1643. Ever since the first Globe Theatre burnt down 30 years ago, the second has been the most sumptuous theatre in Europe. But now it stands empty. Closed by order of Oliver Cromwell, the puritanical leader of the parliamentary forces fighting King Charles I in the bloody English Civil War.

For playwright William Davenant, favourite of the King, and once regarded as the heir to Shakespeare (rumoured even to be his son) this means a sudden end to his livelihood. The only way Davenant can re-open the Globe and restore his fortunes is to offer to write a propaganda play for Cromwell. But the only way he can finance the project is to get the King to pay for it…

Can the desperate Davenant play both sides and save the Globe?

The comedy by award-winning writer Tom Mallaburn (also directing Pop-up Globe’s outrageous comedy As You Like It) and UK director John Walton features five extraordinary stars of stage, TV and film – Hugh Sexton, Roy Barker, Kerrie Anne Baker, Ben Adams and Mia Landgren – and will be a wickedly delicious starter to the feast of Shakespeare being served at Pop-up Globe over the next few months.

Shows most Monday – Thursday’s at 10:30am, Friday’s at 5:30pm at Sunday’s at 10:30am. See for full schedule.