Cirque du Soleil will return to Australia from October this year with its most acclaimed touring show, KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities™.  Kurios will premiere under their signature Big Top on 2 October 2019 in Sydney at Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park.  

Written and directed by Michel Laprise, KURIOS– Cabinet of Curiosities is a tale in which time comes to a complete stop, transporting the audience inside a fantasy world where everything is possible. In this realm set in the latter half of the nineteenth century, reality is quite relative indeed as our perception of it is utterly transformed.

Rachel Lancaster, Kurios’ Artistic Director, says that “anything is possible,” with Cirque du Soleil’s latest triumph. Lancaster promised that the show will include, “high level acrobatics, including things that haven’t been done anywhere else.” Shedding more light on the plotline of the show, she said, “The story is set in the time of the Industrial Revolution. This was an era when new inventions were being created and our world was changing. Still today, there are new and exciting possibilities in our world, and I feel this is reflected in the show.”

Lancaster joined Kurios as the show’s Artistic Director in 2016. This is her eighth year with the company, joining in 2011 as Assistant Artistic Director for Corteo and then Artistic Director for Amaluna from 2014-2016. She was a performer and rehearsal director prior to joining Cirque du Soleil, working with many renowned choreographers. “Luckily I was well-prepared before taking on this role. I was a dancer and dance captain for many productions before this and it’s been a big shift from not having to do rehearsals every day into a different type of demanding role.”

Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios
Picture credit: © Martin Girard 
Costume credit: Philippe Guillotel

KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities had its world premiere in Montréal in April 2014 and since its debut, the critics have been raving across North America: “It is not to be missed on any account,” said Chris Jones in The Chicago Tribune.  “Kurios is the most enthralling, consistently over-the-top magical show Cirque du Soleil has sent our way in a long time,” raved Robert Hurwitt in The San Francisco Chronicle.  “Kurios is the most joyous piece of theatre I’ve seen in years and it will lift your spirits to the stars,” said Richard Ouzounian in The Toronto Star. And Misha Berson in The Seattle Times raved, “Kurios thrills in a splendidly captivating new show.”  The Los Angeles Times made it a Critic’s Choice.

The most exciting part of running with Kurios for Lancaster has been passing into the Japanese market. “They’re a unique set of fans for [Cirque du Soleil], particularly when it comes to interacting with the show. They seem to access it on a different level. We’ve done 450 shows in Japan and at every single one, the audience connected with the performers. The whole show, really, is about the human experience.”

Originally composed of 20 street performers in 1984, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group completely reinvented circus arts and went on to become a world leader in live entertainment. Established in Montreal, the Canadian organisation has brought wonder and delight to over 190 million spectators with productions presented in close to 450 cities in 60 countries.  Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group currently has over 4,000 employees, including 1,400 artists, from nearly 50 countries.

Kurios is Cirque du Soleil’s 35th production since 1984. The newest Big Top production to tour Australia arrives with a cast of 47 artists from 17 countries including world-class gymnasts, acrobats, contortionists, hand-puppeteers, yo-yo wizards, clowns, actors and musicians.

Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios
Picture credit: © Martin Girard 
Costume credit: Philippe Guillotel 

When asked about the level of commitment required by these performers to reach the heights shown by this renowned company, Lancaster said, “The performers are always pushing their skills. [Kurios] itself has changed since 2014 in that us and the performers constantly ask, “What can be refined?”. For instance, the trapeze could say, “Alright I’ve done a double there, how can I make it a triple?”. So, it’s about keeping themselves motivated and it’s my job to guide them through that process, because there is a level of training needed prior to each show. We have the area behind the Big Top where we may have individual runs or large groups run, just to keep everyone at the level that’s needed for this type of production.”

Looking to the future, both for herself and Cirque du Soleil as a company, Lancaster said, “I’ll be staying with [Kurios] for now. We’re touring in Europe in the coming months, which is like travelling back home for me. The show has been one of my favourites so far”. 

As for Cirque, “They’re always looking to produce new creations and they’re currently exploring markets that are untouched for them so far as a company. The Big Top is a mammoth task in itself. It can seat between 2,500-2,700 people in the largest venue, it’s basically like creating a small village. So, they’ll be exploring the possibility of the smaller Big Top, something we won’t have to always take to big cities but can go to places like Greece, India or South Africa where the city is more condensed.”

If there’s one thing that Cirque has proven, it’s that anything is possible, and Kurios looks set to prove that yet again when it hits Australian shores this October.

KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities

Sydney from 2 October 2019, Brisbane from 10 January 2020, Melbourne from 12 March 2020, Adelaide from 29 May 2020, Perth from 16 June 2020 

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