Help Angie out with her research project…


Dear Theatre People, 

My name is Angie Bedford, and I am a Theatre and Drama Honours Student at La Trobe University, Bundoora.

As part of my coursework towards obtaining my Honours degree, I am writing an analysis of Independent / Amateur theatre companies, particularly Purely Pensive Productions, a theatre company I co-founded in 2005.

In order to ‘place’ Purely Pensive Productions in the thriving Melbourne theatre scene, I am eager to incorporate a small case study of other theatre groups and companies in Melbourne.

In order to hear from as many theatre groups and companies as possible, I’ve created an online questionnaire, in lieu of a one-on-one interview with the key players. I am looking to hear from any group/company who does not consider label themselves as professional (so that includes university groups, independent, semi-pro etc.) Musical theatre, legit theatre etc. all qualify, as long as you are not “professional”!

This short questionnaire aims to basically gain some understanding of the way companies perceive themselves, particularly in regards to company status and repertoire. Responses may be included in my essay and appropriately referenced.

Over the next few days, Presidents of theatre companies should hear from me requesting they take the time to complete the questionnaire. However, I cannot track everyone and every company down, so Theatre People are helping out by spreading the word for me!

Whilst this questionnaire is mainly designed for Presidents of theatre companies, other theatre people are also welcome to fill out the survey. I only request that you have been involved with the chosen group/company for a solid year or so, so that you have a reasonable understanding of how the company works. I am also especially keen for founding members of companies to complete the questionnaire, so if you’re out there, please get on board!

If you are interested, please take the time in the next week to complete this questionnaire (by Tuesday June 9, 2010). I must emphasise that the questionnaire should require little to no research on your behalf, and is more a candid reflection / snapshot of your current understanding of your company or group – hence the short turnaround.

You can access the questionnaire at:

I hope you will consider participating, as I’d like to have the clearest and fairest representation of Melbourne theatre groups and companies. 


Angie Bedford

Theatre and Drama Honours Student

La Trobe University, Bundoora