The child one expects is never the child one receives. Boon is smart. Really smart. She’s skipped four years of school, possesses a photographic memory and was playing Mozart and Beethoven aged two.

Black Swan State Theatre Company Coma Land Harrison Elliott, Will O'mahony

So why is it so hard for her to wake up?

Coma Land tells the story of a child genius who finds herself trapped in a world between life and death. There, she meets Penguin, a young girl determined to fly, and they quickly become friends. But when her protective father stands between them and their escape, Boon soon learns that the one thing you can never outsmart is the truth.

From the daring and imaginative mind of Will O’Mahony (Tonsils + Tweezers, The Mars Project, Great White), comes a magical story celebrating children, difference, and the depths of parental love. Coma Land asks, if it takes ten thousand hours to master something difficult, then why can it take a lifetime to accept something simple?

The play was partially inspired by Andrew Soloman’s book Far from the Tree – a dozen kinds of love which explores what happens when children are born radically different from their parents. The show investigates a journey familiar to many parents: that children will always defy their parents’ expectations, and that the child one expects must always make way for the child one is given.

Following on from Tonsils & Tweezers last year, I am excited by the opportunity to debut my next play Coma Land. It is a funny, enlightening play set in a magic, in-between, upside-down world. A rite of passage story seen through the eyes of a gifted child, it explores the messy and joyous love that fuse parents with their children. – Will O’Mahony

SET DESIGNER: Patrick James Howe
DRAMATURG: James Berlyn
CAST INCLUDES: Humphrey Bower, Kirsty Marillier, Amy Mathews, Morgan Owen, Ben Sutton

WARNING Some adult themes, SUITABILITY Ages 13+

The World Premiere of Coma Land by WA playwright Will O’Mahony in a Black Swan Lab Production in association with Performing Lines WA in the Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of WA from Thursday 20 July to Sunday 6 August 2017.

For more information please visit: Coma Land

Photo credit: Robert Frith,
Model: Harrison Elliot