ChloeInspired by the true story of Natascha Kampusch, An Almost Perfect Thing is a dark, interwoven thriller of 3 strangers thrown together in dramatic circumstances.

Chloe Evans (Daisy Coyle) reappears 7 years after being kidnapped and imprisoned in a basement. The public, captivated by her story, demand for more but are soon frustrated at her refusal to name the kidnapper and divulge details of her captivity.
Tasked to document her ordeal is the once acclaimed investigative journalist, Greg (Andrew Hale), who covered her initial disappearance. He is a shadow of his former professional self and relishes the opportunity this assignment could provide his rapidly dwindling career. And finally Matthew (Nick MacLaine), the unsettling manipulative abductor who frequently relates back to his dead mother and cautions Chloe of the gun upstairs.

All three actors deliver fine performances. Coyle is convincing as the abducted child, transitioning with ease into the resilient Gregyoung woman 7 years later. Hale’s has-been journo, is excellent. His wealth of experience is evident as we witness Greg become increasingly ravenous to uncover the abductors identity and feed the public’s appetite for fact. And MacLaine’s wonderfully complex and unsettling performance places the audience in an uncomforting state right up to the climatic conclusion.

Set and costume design by Tyler Hill, though interesting, confused me. I didn’t really understand the significance of the long black futuristic looking coats, while the enormous female portrait was distracting rather than striking. But the all black set appropriately added an unnerving, cold feel to the darkness of this production, and the black mannequins strategically placed around the stage were equally unpleasant to the eye.

Nicole Moeller’s deceptively difficult writing is a pleasure to hear, and although line stumbles, the two interwoven storylines are delivered with dramatic effect. Director Gabrielle Metcalfe uses these words and the actor’s skill to full advantage, and along with clever lighting and sound design, delivers a thrilling piece of theatre that dissects the dark psyches of those in front of us.

Well worth the effort to get down to the Blue Room and catch this one!


The Blue Room Theatre & Gabrielle Metcalf present….

An Almost Perfect Thing

Written by Nicole Moeller

Directed by Gabrielle Metcalf

Assistant Director: Riley SpadaroManequinns

Producer & Production Manager: Emily Stokoe

Set & Costume Designer: Tyler Hill

Sound Designer: Christian Peterson

Lighting Designer: Rhiannon Petersen

Stage Manager: Jessie Atkins

Performed by Daisy Coyle, Andrew Hale and Nick Maclaine