Storm in a D Cup tells Amelia Ryan's tale, from "growing up in Wollongong with a gay dad who proudly flew the rainbow flag while mum was shagging the 23-year-old handyman"… and only gets more colourful from there. I had a quick chat to Ryan while she was picking up last-minute essentials for tonight's opening.

"Inherently dysfunctional as a human being" and a "clusterf*ck of calamity," Ryan is one accident-prone woman – she's successfully written off five cars in her time, possibly because we conducted this interview on her hands-free while she was driving…

Storm in a D Cup is a cabaret show featuring songs from Avenue Q, The Sound of Music, A New Brain, and more, with updated lyrics from Ryan's mental mind.

So why the title? "I found a definition of the word 'storm' that said: a disastrous or calamitous situation or event with the combined effect of a unique set of circumstances." Sounds about right. And what about the D cup bit? "There's just too much to fit into a B cup…" Fair enough.

Following a June season in Melbourne, Ryan opens tonight at the El Rocco Room, Darlinghurst after recently completing a brief run in her home town of Wollongong in front of her friends, families, and school teachers: "I did quite well at school, I got 99.4 or something, and I've done nothing but fart-arse around since then and this is the result."

The show itself is very organic and has been updated since the Melbourne season due to significant events in Ryan's life. Although probably not a show to bring the kids to,"these are stories people can relate to – life's not perfect, we're not perfect, but the sooner we can be at piece with life's interventions and dysfunctions the closer we'll be to finding some kind of contentment in the chaos."

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