****½ stars

Black Martini Productions present Troy Story for Perth Fringe World 2020, an ambitious storytelling feat that never takes itself too seriously. Writer Thomas Dimmick has taken on the mammoth task of condensing Homer’s epic poem Iliad into a 60-minute show. Dimmick has captured the scale of the stories and characters while still making them accessible. The Gods, Goddesses, heroes and villains are brought to life using puppets, a few props and costume pieces, and a very lively cast of only four people: Hock Edwards, Erin Craddock, Thomas Dimmick and Grace Edwards. Each cast member has fun with this piece: wielding toy swords, playing with different voices, and the occasional irreverent dig at the stories and characters themselves.

Dimmick’s script is amazingly lean, getting to the point on circumstances and outcomes, yet there is still a sense of the scale that this piece of classical literature is renowned. Dimmick’s choice (also as director) to use puppets is a very clever approach that enables the many characters to appear without the need for messy costume changes.

Troy Story is a wonderful way for older children and adults to enjoy Homer’s Iliad as the performance includes pop culture references and a very likeable ensemble. It might even inspire you to read the actual book, or pick it up where you left off.

Troy Story is showing at The Globe in the Lounge, 495/497 Wellington Street, Perth until this Saturday 1st February.

Tickets $15 to $25.00.

Bookings: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/troy-story-fw2020

Photo credit: Marc Dimmick.