For one weekend only, 4 – 5 December, ALTERNATIVE FUTURES takes over Acland St with intimate site-specific performances that reimagine St Kilda in the not-too-distant future.

The pandemic has taken a hit to the arts sector, but also to Theatre Works’ local St Kilda community. With almost every second shopfront on Acland St closed and up for lease, ALTERNATIVE FUTURES will reactivate and reinvigorate the public spaces, hidden nooks and crannies that make St Kilda unique.

Playwrights Bryan Andy, Laura Collins, Bumpy Favell, Emma Gibson, Vivian Nguyen and Kristen Smyth have penned original monologues inspired by people, places and things on Acland St, reimagining the iconic strip and what the future holds beyond this recent time of crisis. Curated and directed by Kitan Petkovski (T he Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven) , each new work will provide a glimpse of hope, environmental innovation, cultural connection and much-needed humour.

Audiences will travel between each site, wearing wireless radio headphones to encounter the bespoke performances that represent the beating heart of St Kilda. The futuristic landscape will be brought to life by an original score and sound design by Robert Downie with costumes and set pieces by Bethany J Fellows (P rayer Machine) .

The monologues feature an ensemble of impressive performers: Jennifer Vuletic (B ecause the Night) , Caroline Lee (ABC’s The Newsreader) , Tahlee Fereday (B lackie Blackie Brown, Because the Night) , Kristen Smyth (T he Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven) , B umpy Favell (K ing Victoria Drag Kings) and S ophie Muckart (O thello) .

ALTERNATIVE FUTURES is a free of charge event – a gift from Theatre Works to Melbourne. Capacity per performance tour is strictly limited and registrations are essential.