When you trek to one of the comedy festival’s many venues for a 9.45pm show on a school night, you hope that it will make you laugh.

I am aware that saying things like this in your twenties makes you sound boring and will indeed not help my plight here but I’m going to press on. Dumb Things I’ve Done would have to include thinking this show would stimulate my senses. It didn’t. In fact, I didn’t laugh once. At one point, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I considered making a B line for the door. I realised that I would have to disturb the offended people next to me as well in order to do so and risk (due to being so close to the front) having to interact with Williamson. The lesser of two evils was to endure the set.

My lasting impression of the show was that it was filthy and not in the least bit clever. Williamson made a very odd assumption- that stringing a sentence together with obscenities alone, is hilarious. I frequently pondered during the show if this was all just an elaborate act and that clever jokes were actually hiding behind the crassness. Those jokes remain at large. What last Wednesday’s audience got was a rant. A rant from an alter ego that Williamson has named, loosest Aussie bloke ever.  Appropriately named I say but is this really what Australian comedy needs, another ignorant Bogan persona taking to the stage?

Let it be said before I get written off as conservative- I LOVE bad language in a show, I love being offended and shocked but the aforementioned comedian did none of that. It sounded like a drunken rant at a train station platform in the early hours of a Sunday morning. Note to Williamson- just because you have an audience (there seemed to be some die-hard Williamson fans there), doesn’t make it ok to string together a show about raping women;  raping animals; getting wasted on drugs and alcohol and calling it comedy. Did I miss some themes? Oh yes, racism would be one and how could I forget, trying to get girls to sleep with you. I would imagine if tested, trying would be the operative word.

I guess you could say, I didn’t get it and I’m a hater, but saying this would imply there was something to get and I think this would be a generous statement.

To assist a bit of background research, I watched a couple of Williamson’s YouTube videos in the aftermath of the show to get a broader picture of this guy’s comedy but found more of the same stuff. I also read other reviews (mixed) but ceased when I came across a statement made in “The Scotsman” branding Williamson as the ‘future of comedy’. If content like this is comedic, the future looks pretty bleak.