Adrienne Angel is the "best voice teacher in the world!" according to Bernadette Peters, and she is coming to The Arts Centre, Melbourne, at the end of March.

We sometimes think of singing as much harder than it is. We add a lot of tension and effort that inhibits the quality and range of the voice, and can even lead to damaging it. Adrienne has categorized some of these problems into the Seven Deadly Sins:


  • Poor Posture
  • Noisy Inhalations
  • Jaw & Tongue Tension
  • Glottal Attacks (a harsh clicking attack on words that begin with vowels)
  • Carrying the chest voice too high
  • Making the high note of a phrase louder than the rest of the phrase
  • Lack of vibrato

The worst is poor posture. This is particularly true of female students. A close second is trying to prevent singers from yelling in their chest voice as high as they can go.

Jane Badler has confirmed that she will be participating in the masterclass and Marina Prior will be viewing the masterclass and then working privately with Adrienne.

Here is a video of Bernadette Peters discussing how Adrienne Angel "taught [her] how to sing:"