TodayTix, the digital gateway to arts and cultural experiences, has partnered with Belvoir to offer $30 mobile Rush tickets for applicable performances of FANGIRLS at Belvoir St Theatre for a limited season only from 12 October until 10 November 2019.

With this partnership, theatre goers can access a limited number of mobile Rush tickets to the Sydney premiere of FANGIRLS, an hilarious new Australian musical comedy about first love, fan culture and the danger of underestimating teenage girls, that has the critics raving after the opening at Brisbane Festival.

The much anticipated production which will star Aydan, the sensation from The Voice 2018, and Yve Blake, the young millennial creator, playwright, and co-star of FANGIRLS, will show at Belvoir St Theatre from 12 October  to 10 November 2019.

“This show was inspired and dedicated to the 33 million teenage girls that have been so misunderstood by their fandom,” said Yve Blake, co-star, creator, and playwright of FANGIRLS. “They’re frequently scorned for behaviour that we would deem perfectly acceptable from boys of the same age and too often they’re dismissed for being ‘crazy’. Yet, fangirls wield untold power. They have the ability to turn a YouTube nobody into a global superstar overnight, and to shape pop culture as we know it. Most of all though, I’m obsessed with fangirls for their ability to do something incredible: to love without apology or fear.”

In FANGIRLS, Edna (played by Blake) is 14 and in love with Harry (played by Aydan), but there’s just one problem: Harry is in ‘True Connection’ – the biggest boyband in the world. After the band announce a tour stop in Edna’s city, she realises this is her one chance to convince Harry of their destiny and she’ll do anything – ANYTHING – in the name of true love.

“We’re thrilled to be able to partner with Belvoir and such an inspiring and talented young woman, like Yve Blake, that’s taking the industry by storm,” said Rachel Nossack, TodayTix Director of Partnerships in Australia. “It’s refreshing to see young talent use the arts to dive into bigger issues but do it in a way that reaches and relates to new generations.”

To ‘unlock’ mobile Rush tickets, users of TodayTix are asked to spread the word on their social media accounts. Once unlocked, the $30 mobile Rush tickets are made available in-app at 9AM on the morning of each performance, on a first-come-first-served basis. There is a limited allocation of mobile Rush tickets per performance.

For new users to TodayTix, the app can be downloaded for iOS or Android. The same rules apply once unlocked. There is a limited allocation of mobile Rush tickets per performance.

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